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   We, the Front Line Anime Network, are an organization founded on the inspiration to help bring and promote the circulation of Japan's Akiba-kei with those who share a passion for our more animated side of life – the Otaku coterie! No, we don't publish anime directly, instead, we try to patchwork an interconnecting consortium of Japanese Galas and Comicon conventions and expos to better bring you anime clips and episodes; cosplay performances, panels, and interviews; Japan news and event reviews; live expo feeds, and more. Cycle through for more info.

It's more than just a few words! We post full point-of-view articles up to five document pages long to give some of the best insight to the events we attend. Furthermore, we collect analytics
that establish a scoring a system of feedback for vendors, artists and guests as to help improve future occurrences.


Sometimes simplicity is more than a convince - it can be its own quality. There's no DSLR here! Instead we use a Huawei P30 Pro to capture equally amazing 40MP stills that can show off the event ambiance, the cosplay and general appeal in a way that a thousand words couldn't.


Our camera rig allows us to capture live cosplay competitions, panels, event ambiance and conduct interviews at up to 400mbps 4K for one of the highest quality resolutions available that provides the most raw look for what people may have missed.



 Our Articles of Operational Policy and Regulations - Terms of Service.

Andrew Snow

Principal Director | Owner

   It has been a great privilege to have taken on this unique endeavor both domestic and abroad, through its past and unto the present, alongside my fellow peers within this little-big organization that is our Network; perhaps yet small in its administrative size but large in its actions and purpose.
   Though I studied and pursued ambitions acting in the mental play of philosophy and politics, I've always had an appreciation for anime  authored gradually over the years since my youth watching Toonami  and later Adult Swim. Blue Gender was the anime that truly instituted me into the culture and my first anime purchase was a box set for the series of Neon Genesis: Evangelion.

   I created Front Line Anime as a personal project during high school, now its an official business in which we've adopted the term 
Network into our model. I want to make this an extension to the
what, when, where, how, and why that is defined by a separate, yet tightly bound culture of who we are individually and the culture that we as individuals will also come to define altogether; the sentence definition of an idea we made happen - a connected Otaku coterie.


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