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Refined since its humble inception in 2004 as a past-time website featuring a rudiment collection of anime wallpapers operating on a budget of $40 a year by our founding Principal Director in high school, the Front Line Anime Network has grown to become a dominant actor among anime and Japan related conventions in the Midwest, spending $40,000 in equipment upgrades in 2019 with a budget of $400,000. In our early history as Front Line Anime, the website began to become a more ambitious project known as Front Line Anime & Gaming in 2006 when it featured both anime and gaming content, along with smaller segments on movies and other small categories and ran until 2010 before officially shutting down. However, this venture would return to reinstate itself again under our Principal Director in 2016 as just Front Line Anime and with the goal of expanding its original founding infrastructure and objective.
As was then, and as sure as history repeats itself, ambition(s) expanded, but this time becoming an official business. Our business adopted the Network locution in 2017 as we began associations with other businesses and venues and tested our live platform. 2018 has seen office openings in Japan and America and the Network and the officiating of multiple media rights. To represent a distinguishing aspect between our anime and live platforms, the Coterie Network was identified in 2020 as the division for live media while //FLAnime// remained the platform for anime-themed content. Together, they are the two pillars that stand to define what is known as the Front Line Anime Network.

Our Articles of Operational Policy and Regulations - the Consitution - is the statement of meaning delineating the elementary principles behind both the framework of our Network and the viewing Terms of Service elucidating our user agreement. The Consitution will provide definitions and statements regarding employment, consociation, advertising, publishing, monetizing, code of conduct, liability, and more.


It's more than just a few words! We post full point-of-view articles up to five document pages long to give some of the best insight into the events that we attend.


Our 108 megapixel cinema theme stills capture the vibe that shows event ambiance, cosplay, and general appeal in a way that a thousand words couldn't.


Our camera rig allows us to capture live cosplay competitions, panels, event ambiance, and conduct interviews at up to 400mbps 5K for the clearest looks at what people may have missed.


We create a dialogue that drafts analytical measurements of the event and connect as an avenue for feedback from vendors, artists, and guests to help improve future event occurrences.

The Coterie Network badge is designed to represent the weaving of American and Japanese culture. The badge shows Japanese elements over a Rising Sun which sets above an outline of the United States with Japan on the east coast. The badge has a red tint on the east to represent a rising sun and eastern culture of japan that contrasts a blue tent to represent the setting sun and western culture of America. A weaving texture represents the interconnection of both cultures.

The //FLAnime// badge is designed to honor the traditional foundation and mission of our Coterie - Akihabara. Juxtapositioned to the right of our name is the word Akiba which is shorthand for Akihabara. Akiba gives identity to the city district covered in foreign characters with people walking the streets. At the foot of the walking path is the script for Akiba-Kei meaning Akihabara style. The blue background is designed to reflect the westernization of this culture.

We, the Front Line Anime Network, are an organization founded on the inspiration to help bring and promote the circulation of Japan's Akiba-kei with those who share a passion for our more animated side of life – the Otaku coterie! No, we don't publish anime directly, instead, we try to patchwork an interconnecting consortium of Japanese Galas and Comicon conventions and expos to better bring you anime clips and episodes; cosplay performances, panels, and interviews; Japan news and event reviews; live expo feeds, and more.


I am reaffirmed in my philosophy that all steps in the process of career development exist as the what, when, where, how, and why of a separately defined, yet tightly bound culture of who we are. For me, it has been a great privilege to have paved many different avenues of approach in developing a culture not just of who I am individualistically but also in comparison to the reflections of my fellow peers within this little-big coterie that is our Network.


At the Front Line Anime Network, culture is our purpose, value, and belief. In understanding that people usually quit bosses and not the job, we promote leadership over management and empower the connection between leaders and followers through communication and connectedness.

Andrew Snow​

Founder and Owner

Notice of Permission(s) and Limitation(s)

Privacy and rights

All of our filming and photography adhere to each cities division of Parks and Recs Permits or other appropriate boards for Photo and Video (ie: KC Ordinance 50-163). We do not guarantee any requested privacy for any nature of being or object that exists of which is taken as a pedestrian to the background of the subject matter. The recording and live streaming acted by us are granted at the permission of the venue host and, or, performer and thus is subject to cancellation or other limitations at their request, outright revoking or otherwise denying the said media rights to us, the Network.

Data congestion may limit live video quality. We typically upload a native 4K @400mbps edition (4K @150mbps prior to August 2019) within five days of the event and potentially a 6K with 360-degree functions too. Please note that YouTube compression will alter final video quality results. Further, we may have to zoom in from up to 150 feet away at some venues and pedestrian traffic may cause vibration or require physical movement of the camera while filming. Additionally, traffic from the audience may, by intention or not, walk into view before the camera during the feed and recording. Some resolutions may only be accessible in certain browsers - we recommend Chrome. Your monitor settings may alter the final look of the video, such as its vibrancy; brightness; kelvin temp; and more.

Telegenic variables

If we captured your picture or quote, then it, if used, can be sourced here on our site or our third-party platforms Facebook and Twitter. Our content may also be shared by and among the venue host or event administration. Please allow up to a week, after the event, for processing some content. The use of your visual or quote is not guaranteed.

You as Subject matter

See our business Constitution: the Articles of Operational Policy and Regulation for further information on interests such as the Publishing of Media; Content Accreditation, Take Down Requests and Removal; Legal Locale, Indemnification and Copyright; and more.

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