GKC Japan Fest

2019 Attendance

We will be attending the 2019 Greater Kansas City Japan Festival on Sunday, October 5th for the full event. Catch us for a quick photo, video skit or interview. 

Photo Gallery

Albums Containing Live Event Photography and Anime.

GKC Japan Festival
The mission of the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival is to promote and produce an annual Japan Festival for the people of Greater Kansas City that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese Culture.

Will be directing the collection of digital media, interviews, and meta-data analytics for post event publication.

Principal Director

Andrew Snow

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Liaising between the Network and Joker Josh Gaming. Will be capturing RAW media from a personal POV perspective.

Camera Operator

Joshua Attebery

Will be making requests to individuals , groups and other organisational bodies for rights to film or photograph as a primary subject. 

General Assistant

Liu Ting


 Our Articles of Operational Policy and Regulations - Terms of Service.

Notice of Permission(s) and Limitation(s)

  Privacy and Rights

All of our filming and photography adhere to each cities division of Parks and Recs Permits or other appropriate board for Photo and Video (ie: KC Ordinance 50-163). We do not guarantee any requested privacy for any nature of being or object that exists of which is taken as a pedestrian to the background of the subject matter. The recording and live streaming of this event are granted at the permission of the venue host and, or, performer and thus is subject to cancellation or other limitations at their request, outright revoking or otherwise denying the said media rights to us, the Network.

Telegenic Variables  

Data congestion may limit live video quality. We typically upload a native 4K @400mbps edition (@150mbps prior to August 2019) within five days of the event and potentially a 6K 360-degree option too. Please note that YouTube compression will alter final video quality results. Further, we may have to zoom in from up to 150 feet away at some venues and pedestrian traffic may cause vibration or require physical movement of the camera while filming. Additionally, traffic from the audience may, by intention or not, walk into view before the camera during the feed and recording. Some resolutions may only be accessible in certain browsers - we recommend Chrome. Your monitor settings may alter the final look of the video, such as its vibrancy; brightness; kelvin temp; and more.

  You As Subject Matter

If we captured your picture or quote, then it, if used, can be sourced here on our site or on our third-party platforms Facebook and Twitter. Our content may also be shared by and among the venue host or event administration. Please allow up to a week, after the event, for processing some content. Use of your visual or quote is not guaranteed.

Policy and Regulation  

See our business Constitution: the Articles of Operational Policy and Regulation for further information on interests such as the Publishing of Media; Content Accreditation, Take Down Requests and Removal; Legal Locale, Indemnification and Copyright; and more.


Lenexa, Kansas City Metro.

Kansas, USA 66062


Akihabara, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo, Japan 101-0021

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