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The Front Line Anime Network is an umbrella title incorporating the pillars of the Coterie Network and Front Line Anime. Here you can find more information on our Network's history, purpose, operations, and more. For more details, please see our Business Constitution -- also our Terms of Service.


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Event Metadata

It's more than just a few words! We post full point-of-view articles up to five document pages long to give some of the best insight into the events that we attend. Additionally, we conduct vendor and guest interviews to draft metrics to help give various levels of feedback to improve continuance and satisfaction for both the event and guest.

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Our camera rig enables us to capture content at up to 400mbps 5K for the clearest playback into any event. Together, with our 108 megapixels cinema-themed stills, we aim to capture that special vibe in a way that 1,000 words couldn't, from the cosplay and competitions, celebrity panels, guest interviews, to the event ambiance in itself.

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UHD Remastering

We envisage ultra-high-definition as the new trend for media. Beyond UHD coverage by the Coterie Network, Front Line Anime utilizes professional tools to reimagine original high-definition content into Ultra HD 4K and 8K for openings, endings, and trailers.

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Anime HUB Pages

We are working to consolidate anime HUB pages where viewers can find information on a specific title. We plan to offer custom storyboard slide presentations, social-media connections, sourced episodic content, actor information, and details on manga and game variants.

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